Exploring Transportation Options Near Condo Buildings in Denver, CO

Explore all your transportation options near condo buildings/communities in Denver CO. From trains & buses to bikes & more - find out what's available!

Exploring Transportation Options Near Condo Buildings in Denver, CO

Denver is a vibrant city with plenty of transportation options to get around. From trains and buses to bikes and more, there are plenty of ways to explore the city. Transit-oriented developments (TODs) have also emerged near light rail hubs, offering quick access to light rail and other amenities. These “mini-villages” are the favorites of those looking for new homes with nearby transportation options, main roads, and shops. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is currently in the design phase of a project that will beautify and provide additional mobility for bicycles and pedestrians along a two-mile corridor in east Denver.

Condominiums and townhomes in and around the Denver Tech Center allow residents to walk or bike to work or take the train to the city center. The RTD FastTracks program has significantly expanded public transportation options in the Denver area, making it easier and more convenient to live outside of Denver but still work downtown. Englewood is the first suburb south of Denver, located in the Yale, Clarkson, Belleview, and Santa Fe area. The 27th Street storm drain is one of several large diameter storm drain projects that the city and county of Denver have identified to improve public safety by alleviating drainage and flood problems in the neighborhoods of Curtis Park and Five Points. The West Colfax and Villa Park NTMP will coordinate with Denver city and county mobility projects that are being carried out in neighborhoods, including multimodal improvements as part of the city's bicycle implementation program and the Western Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI).

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) of the city and county of Denver is moving forward with a design and engineering project to eliminate sidewalk gaps, improve drainage, and improve road infrastructure in the Mar Lee neighborhood. It's easier than ever to get from Denver International Airport (DEN) to downtown Denver by train from Denver Airport. The city and county of Denver are working with communities to create complete transportation networks, implementing a new strategy for planning multimodal networks and rapidly developing bicycle projects to reduce stress through this program. Yale Avenue is a critical east-west artery in southeastern Denver, which crosses and serves residents of the City and County of Denver (CCD) and Arapahoe County. The existing storm sewers on East 16th Avenue and Batavia Place are currently undersized; the objective of this project is to work with the hydrology developed by the Emergency Systems Plan (OSP) team to size, design, and build a new main storm line to safely transport the flows of existing systems on Colfax and 16th East Avenues to City Park, capturing local flows along the way. Denver voters approved funding through the Elevate Denver Bond Program to fund multimodal improvements to the Hampden corridor.

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